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Roofing done the SMART Way

Roofers Crane by HP Paus

How to be More Productive using

The PTK-31 Crane

The PAUS Sky Worker PTK 31, with a payload of up to 3527 lbs and a maximum extended length of 101 ft, is specifically constructed for roofers and carpenters. By using special aluminum profiles that slot into each other, the PAUS Sky Worker will carry out all your transport tasks with ease. Four individual fold-away telescopic outriggers enable the crane to be setup even on narrow and uneven ground, like steps or high curbsides.

Sky Crane

Advantages of Using a SKY Worker Crane PTK-31 Vs. Boom Trucks

  • Upfront Savings is Approximately $53,000
  • Much Lower Insurance Costs
  • Does not Damage driveways or Lawns due to weight
  • Fast Setup - Self Driven - Remote Controls
  • Very accessible in tight or restricted areas
  • Additional Savings Click Here